Fintech Beat Podcast

January 2020

Iran, North Korea and Crypto, Ep 36

An inside view from a former State Department and intelligence official on how sanctions and political gyrations between the Trump Administration and Iran and North Korea can impact financial technology. And how these regimes can use cryptocurrencies in nefarious ways. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

The Ethical Algorithm, Ep. 35

Algorithms have evolved into to powerful engines of financial technology. But they don’t always live up to the hype, as algorithmic models fail to take account of basic societal concerns like fairness, privacy and bias. Fintech Beat sits down with Michael Kearns to find out what can be done to make algorithms “ethical.” Learn more about your ad …

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Open Banking 2.0, Ep. 34

Open banking’s benefits involve using customer consent to develop new financial products to revolutionize financial services. But critics claim open banking can at times bypass customer consent by using digital avatars and other online tools to infiltrate and collect customer data. Fintech Beat sits down with the former chief of the Federal Reserve’s open banking unit …

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