Fintech Beat Podcast

November 2019

The Digital Redback, Ep. 29

China has sent shockwaves through the global financial system announcing that its central bank would soon introduce a digital version of its domestic currency, the yuan. Fintech Beat sits down with key IMF officials to learn about what a state-backed ‘cryptocurrency’ means for the yuan as a potential rival to the dollar. Learn more about …

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Open Banking 101, Ep. 28

Open banking is set to shake up financial experiences for customers across the globe, enabling customers to allow third parties to access financial information needed to develop new apps and services. Fintech Beat sits down with the head of policy at Plaid, a unicorn fintech sitting in the middle of the revolution, to discuss the process …

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The Fintech Week, Ep. 27

In this joint podcast, FRT and Fintech Beat team up to cover October’s whirlwind of fintech discussions taking place at the Institute of International Finance, DC Fintech Week, the International Monetary Fund and World Bank–and just after Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Capitol Hill about Libra. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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